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Thumbnails: Current project work.


Wayfinding for Dental School

The UT Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School maintains clinics to provide hands-on training opportunity for dental students, at the same time making high quality dental care available to low income San Antonio residents. The clinics have grown to include three floors of care areas, including multiple imaging centers, a state-of-the-art dental prosthetics area, and a comprehensive pediatric care area. Zeitgraph is currently in schematic / programming phase for a new visitor wayfinding system, with the goal of replacing the outdated, lo-fi system currently in place. Design development and implementation will take place in a future phase of work.


Alamo Architects Web Site

Alamo ArchitectsEarly on, this iconoclastic architectural firm rejected corporate-looking web site design. Accordingly, the new free-form look and feel keeps a little quirkiness in play while providing simple, clean navigation. Paul Vaughn ( added clean telescoping navigation on interior pages to allow presentation of a large number of individual projects, organized into practice area genres.


Friends, Romans, Museumgoers

The Denman and Blackburn galleries, which house the impressive Western Antiquities collection at the San Antonio Museum of Art, are now re-opened to the public. With illustrator David Chapman, Zeitgraph created a series of interpretive text and map panels, integrating content with exhibits of objects from ancient Greece and Rome. A detail of our map work of the ancient world is shown at left, this one showing cities and sites around ancient Greece and the Aegean Sea.

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