Clients Talk about Working Together

My clients are rock stars. They run forward-thinking non-profits, they are creative architects and designers, high-touch managers, and talented restaurateurs and visionary entrepreneurs. Getting to know my clients well personally has been key to designing effectively for them, and I'm pleased to say that so many client relationships have turned into friendships along the way.

Jenny McChesney | Designer/Owner, Zeitgraph Inc

Perny Shea | Director of Special Events, Partner | Biga on the Banks

“Because Jenny had worked with us at Biga’s original location, she brought a sense of history to our new showcase setting — blending the old with the new quite beautifully. Jenny comes at each project with a clean slate and unique point of view. Her ideas always bring a smile to your face and make you laugh. She captures the whimsical for us.”

Lewis Fisher, AIA | Fisher Heck Architects

“Jenny has ideas that are fresh, and just sort of snap. Her detailed work on our promotional materials— everything from format to photo placement to font—greatly improved our marketing presentations to potential clients. And, her writing skills have helped us time and again.”

Jill and Dennis McDaniel | SteelHouse Lofts

“We say Jenny McChesney is like grace under fire — the closer to the deadline, the more unflappable she is. She has an unusual mix of creative ability and technical know-how, and a team of people she can call on to help with any project. She’s a project manager as well, keeping track of details, managing subs and making sure everything gets done for the client. Also she is an excellent writer. This skill also makes her very timely. She can write and pull the graphics together on a project. And the results are quite elegant."

Sarah Cochran | Owner, Cochran & Company

“Zeitgraph helped bring continuity to the advertising effort for each of our restaurants — Paesanos, Zuni Grill and Rio Rio. As a creative director, Jenny brings a lot of marketing as well as design experience to the table."

Robert Oliver | Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum | Cuero, Texas

“So often, we don’t exactly know how to get to where we need to be, and she instinctively knows how to direct us. In nine years of working together, we have built a brand.

Jenny has a great way of wordsmithing. Whether it’s a membership appeal letter, a newsletter, or other collateral, she takes a rough draft and crafts it into something polished and appealing. She’s like a traditional craftsman who works in leather or metal, only she works in words and images; an artist with vocabulary. Her experience, sophistication and skill at interpreting a message is something I rely on again and again.”

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