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What's a Zeitgraph, anyway?

The name of the studio is adapted from the German "zeitgeist," or, spirit of the times. It's about the idea of staying fluid and working with the best tools of the times to communicate with your audience. My work with clients falls into three key disciplines: print design, web site development, and signage and environmental graphics, including interpretive graphics for museums.

Graphic Design for Marketing

With over twenty years experience with creative direction for marketing communications, I provide complete creative services, from concept development to final deliverables. And, my clients count on me for copy that speaks in their voice, a piece of the creative process I especially enjoy.

Web Site Development

Working closely with experienced independent developers, I have specialized in portfolio sites for the architectural and design community. We deliver sites that are search savvy, easy to navigate, and true to brand. This year's new challenge is working with content management systems, a technology I see as becoming an important piece of the marketer's toolkit.

Wayfinding Signage, Environmental Graphics, and Museum Graphics

As a natural outgrowth of marketing and brand design, signage has been one of my specialties. Particularly since I work with architects so often, I've been invited to bring the designer's eye to wayfinding and exterior signage. Interpretive graphics for museum installations is a smaller but significant part of my work as well.

Jenny McChesney | Designer/Owner, Zeitgraph Inc

San Antonio, Texas